History and Milestones


The realization that there was no tool available worldwide to diagnose how people in organizations make decisions and establish a relation between decision-making and the respective team tasks/roles and organizational context leads us to the assumption that there has to be a great demand for such a tool. After all, decision-making competence clearly has a strong influence on the long-term success of individuals, teams, networks and organizations. Accordingly, we begin specifically collecting material on this topic and discussing it at length with our colleagues and clients.


A cooperation project is launched between Ulli Sutrich, Maximilian Lanzenberger and Othmar Sutrich. In the years that follow, Lanzenberger’s profound experience and lifelong dedication to management assessment and diagnosis proves extremely beneficial and plays a defining role in the project as a whole – not least in the agreement by all three team members that the tool should only be brought to market when – and if – a high quality can without compromise be guaranteed.


After countless meetings, deliberations, rejected ideas, pilot tests and realignments, the KAIROS® Decision Profile is launched as the first valid tool of its kind for profiling decision-making behavior.
The first questionnaire contains seven dimensions. The addition of an eighth dimension – “Intuitive” – to the final version of the questionnaire significantly augments the tool’s practical validity. In this initial market testing phase, the questionnaire is still in “pen and paper” form, and the profiles prepared “manually”.


The first 144 online profiles are created and prepared free of charge in conjunction with our clients and colleagues. We receive a huge amount of invaluable support and professional encouragement, in particular from our colleague and friend Bernd Opp. The first certification workshop is held in September. It quickly becomes clear that KAIROS® is an excellent tool for initiating dialog with people on their personal decision-making patterns (both in the workplace and in their private lives). And for doing so in a hitherto unknown informed, structured and profound manner – without making judgments or psychologizing.


Maximilian Lanzenberger, our cooperation partner and companion from the start of the project, dies at the age of 71.


Henning Bumann and Can Gürer produce a “Statistical Evaluation of the KAIROS® Decision Profile”. Their 100+-page “Statistical Consulting” report is published at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich under the supervision of Professor Helmut Küchenhoff. The report includes a number of very clearly formulated recommendations for the next version of the questionnaire.


The KAIROS® Decision Profile has 101 certified users, a database of almost 4,000 profiles and a broad range of tried and tested practical applications. A professional media presence and opening of new sales channels set the course for qualitative and quantitative growth.

KAIROS® becomes the official tool used at the newly founded PENTAEDER®INSTITUTE – a unique competence network for “Conscious Decision-Making in Organizations”.