Everyone makes decisions differently. In that we’re all the same.

We would now like to give you a better idea of just how varied and different the individual constellations of the eight decision-making dimensions can be. By way of example, we have taken the different constellations identified in various KAIROS® decision-maker profiles, displayed them in a text cloud and supplemented them in each case with a few sample comments from the in-depth results report and/or corresponding coaching session. The names given to the individual clouds are totally neutral and serve merely to identify them and provide a rough orientation.



From the accompanying results:

Draws security from intuitive, communicative, balanced:

  • Makes decisions and acts with a lot of regard for others as dominant undertone.
  • Can take a long time to complete the decision-making process.
  • Intuition provides guidance in the form of images/analogies and supports his power of judgment.

Independent, flexible, solicitous:

  • Doesn’t need to go out on a limb.
  • Is open to change; a careful approach is not important.

Energetic, pragmatic:

  • Energetic, pragmatic action does not take priority.
  • - Complementary partner is advantageous.



From the accompanying results:

Draws security from pragmatic, independent, balanced; Draws support from intuitive and solicitous:

  • Acts forcefully and focuses on getting the job done.
  • Trusts primarily in his own assessment.
  • Strong power of judgment.
  • Is perceived as reliable.
  • Uses his intuition, but looks to back it up; reflective dimensions mean he does not act rashly.

Communicative and flexible:

  • Refers only selectively to his staff.
  • Strong tendency to stick to the tried and tested.
  • Doesn’t like trying new things.



From the accompanying results:

Draws security from flexible, energetic, pragmatic and independent:

  • Focuses permanently on “what’s possible, curiosity and change”.
  • Always thinks of something, an optimistic go-getter who happily makes decisions and is also pragmatic.
  • It is important to her to assert her own standpoint.
  • Makes decisions quickly.

Solicitous and balanced:

  • Do not seem to be so important in decisions-making.
  • Limited manifestation of reflective dimensions could be the reason for hasty, unconsidered decisions.

Intuitive and communicative:

  • Only used in situations in which they seem important.



From the accompanying results:

Draws security from five dimensions – flexible, intuitive, communicative, independent and balanced:

  • Decisions encourage good ideas, provide impetus and communicate prospects.
  • Checks long-term relevance in a balanced manner and share this with the people around him.
  • Independence and balance indicate strong power of judgment.
  • A certain level of autonomy in combination with a great deal of imagination is very important.
  • Intuition mediates between these dimensions and allows him to make decisions quickly.

Energetic, pragmatic:

  • Not particularly interested in these.
  • Has to be fielded elsewhere.


  • Can delegate in certain situations.