KAIROS® is unique – it is the only scale we know of that focuses on people’s decision-making behavior.

Valuable, but not evaluating

KAIROS® does not seek to define traits, but instead measures downstream, customary, personal behavior in work and decision-making situations. As a result, KAIROS® is by no means simply equivalent to a personality test. Instead, the tool provides additional useful diagnostic information relating specifically to behavior – without any unqualified attempts to “psychologize” the results.

The discussion of these results establishes a direct link to the key business issues, to the relevant decision context and to the respective manager’s primary role. Constructive communication, focused attention and the application of tacit knowledge help the client to quickly and pragmatically cut to the chase.

For those of you who are interested in finding out more about this unique tool, the following sections offer a more detailed insight into the methodology behind the KAIROS® Decision Profile, its scientific foundations and its origins.