A good decision for your organization.

The PENTAEDER® INSTITUTE is a unique competence network for conscious decision-making in organizations. Unique firstly because almost no other experts have so far seriously dedicated themselves to this important topic. And secondly because the PENTAEDER® model and its principles and instruments is quite probably the only holistic model available for this complex topic.

Decision-making is clearly a topic of enormous relevance. Many organizations have already recognized this and are successfully following new, favorable paths in their decision-making. Yet our consulting activities also show that many organizations still lack suitable tools and methods for conscious decision-making. And thus also the fundamental basis for truly healthy and sustainable successful organizational and personnel management.

Sutrich Organisationsberatung is an active founding member of the PENTAEDER® INSTITUTE. KAIROS® is also embedded in the institute’s methodological principle as one of its official tools.

To find out more about the PENTAEDER® INSTITUTE, visit its website at www.pentaeder-institut.de (in German).