How can I obtain certification?

In a dedicated two-day workshop and three subsequent supervision sessions, we provide you with in-depth training in the diverse range of possible applications for the KAIROS® Decision Profile. Throughout this training, we place a strong emphasis on the quality of discussion of the results you will carry out with your clients. These sessions should always be meaningful experiences in which the client feels your sense of respect and appreciation. Through you, the client learns to understand the relevance of his/her decision-making preferences and recognize their particular strengths and qualities.

The certification process

  1. Prior to the certification workshop, you will complete your own KAIROS® Decision Profile online. Shortly afterwards, you will receive an e-mail containing your personal analysis graph and an explanatory handout. This will be followed by a phone session to discuss the results.
  2. The subsequent two-day certification workshop provides you with an in-depth introduction to the professional use of the profile. If there are at least eight participants, this workshop can also be held at your company or for individual groups.
  3. Final certification is awarded upon completion of three supervised profile analysis sessions and a written report. You will then receive access to the website and official authorization to use the tool independently.

The costs

for the certification workshop, the supervision process and the first three profile results analysis sessions amount to

€ 1,950 + 19 % VAT.

Any additional participation costs (e.g. refreshments, etc.) will be charged and invoiced separately.
After the certification workshop, you will be provided with online access to the tool and the corresponding access code.


The charges for cancellation are as follows:
up to four weeks prior to the workshop: 25 % of the agreed fee; up to two weeks prior to the workshop: 50 % of the agreed fee; less than two weeks prior to the workshop: 100 % of the agreed fee. The cancellation fee will be waived if a replacement participant is nominated and assumes your place at the workshop. If not enough registrations are received, we reserve the right to cancel or postpone a certification workshop up to two weeks prior to the start of the event.

Content of the certification workshop

Basic theory and principles

  • Meaning and relevance of the eight dimensions
  • Resulting patterns of behavior
  • Profile analysis as multi-step process
  • Interpretation possibilities and limits
  • Attitude and behavior in the analysis session
  • Formulating questions on concrete decision-making situations
  • Establishing links to roles, tasks, situations and contexts
  • The underlying personality test theory
  • Theoretical test background

Interpretation practice using distinctive KAIROS® profiles

  • Goal: three value-providing insights
  • Various training sequences

Typical KAIROS® profile characteristics

  • Prior experience
  • Recognizing recurring and special patterns

Advance use

  • Individual coaching/supervision; acute decisions; establishing links to various contexts
  • Seminars/training
  • Team profiles/team constitution/team development

Hints on how to implement the tool in an organizational setting

Quality assurance

We place great importance on lasting, high quality service. To achieve this, regular practice and knowledge sharing are an absolute necessity. We recommend the completion of a minimum of about ten profiles per year. If necessary, we can also provide a one-day refresher workshop. In the near future, we will also be establishing a platform designed specifically for professional knowledge sharing among licensed KAIROS® users.

Further information and registration

For further information or to register for a certification workshop, please send us a corresponding message via the contact form.