Making better decisions is what counts – both now and in the future. And competent consultants are a rarity in this field.

Put your trust in what really matters.

Become a certified KAIROS® consultant and use this unique competence tool to add an impressive new dimension to your portfolio of training, coaching or HR development services. The intensive consulting session – a core component of the KAIROS® method – provides you with an elegant means of access to your client. In almost all cases, this session proves to be deep and meaningful, simply by virtue of the decision-making context.

With the help of KAIROS®, people reveal who they are and how they act in their designated roles – without the need for any premature psychoanalysis. The KAIROS® Decision Profile thus provides you with a very concrete and valid means of illustrating and exemplifying individual decision-making and problem-solving behavior. All you need is the special training provided as part of the KAIROS® certification process as well as access to our online questionnaire and results analysis system.

From management or team development programs to training in decision-making or problem-solving; from individual or team coaching to conflict-ridden, decision-intensive change management processes: since it was launched back in 2007, KAIROS® has been helping organizations and the people who work in them to turn their decision-making into a constructive and successful joint cooperation process.

When are you going to start profiting from KAIROS®?