Understanding your own decision-making behavior and recognizing new potential.

The cost of your KAIROS® Decision Profile always includes a discussion of the results, i.e. a personal consulting session by phone with us or a certified KAIROS® consultant (depending on where you requested your access code).

It is only in the subsequent dialog with your certified KAIROS® consultant that the true extent of the insights generated with this tool really becomes evident: KAIROS® changes perspectives. It paves the way for a totally new level of awareness of your own behavior – in deciding and decisive moments. In this dialog, you receive qualified explanations that help you to develop a deeper understanding of your decision preferences and suggest possible starting points for applying them more consciously in specific situations in the organizational context. If required, we can also discuss and provide further in-depth follow-up options, e.g. a related project or individual coaching sessions.

The discussion of the results takes place shortly after the analysis of your online questionnaire and lasts approx. 30 minutes for the standard package or approx. 60 minutes for the Coaching Plus Package.