Only one in every five organizations makes decisions effectively!* The KAIROS® Decision Profile is the first tool of its kind that helps you to improve your decision processes on all levels – and on a valid basis.

What Kairos can change for you in your organization.

The topic of “optimizing decision processes” is an issue that has long been neglected in a corporate or organizational setting. Yet this was more by necessity than for rational reasons, since there was no valid tool available that could actually have had a long-term effect on the quality of decision processes.

Only one in every five organizations actually makes decisions effectively.* Yet it is the many decisions that are made at different levels in the hierarchy and across its diverse network which are ultimately responsible for an organization’s success (or failure). As a consequence, organizations which actively and consciously manage their decision processes enjoy significant advantages: they grow more rapidly, are more profitable and generate higher rates of return.*

The KAIROS® Decision Profile is the first tool of its kind to provide companies and organizations with a basis for valid, unambiguous assumptions in a “decision-making and assumption of responsibility” context. Its utmost reliability, validity and objectivity are as much a matter of course as the absolute security of the data it provides. If required, certified partners help you to consciously manage your staff’s decision-making and problem-solving behavior based on the KAIROS® profile: from intensive coaching for individual managers or high profile decision-makers through targeted team development exercises to the creation of highly effective decision-making groups.

The KAIROS® Decision Profile quickly and clearly reveals the decision-making capabilities of your staff. Differences become apparent and are accepted as beneficial. Uncertainties and conflicts can thus be resolved and redirected into constructive cooperation.

The KAIROS® Decision Profile works on three levels.

It helps managers to act more effectively and with greater self-confidence.

It stimulates the decision-making ability, problem-solving competence and sense of responsibility in teams and thus contributes to establishing a conscious decision-making culture in the organization. KAIROS® helps individuals to increasingly base their actions on their unrestricted personal energies. Team members develop a greater sense of respect for each other and carry out their tasks more efficiently.

Ultimately, the quality of the decisions made in the organization improves significantly – they are taken with more care and are highly effective.

* According to the recent “Decide & Deliver” study published by Bain & Company based on a sample of 760 firms.