You decide where you would like to profit from KAIROS® in your organization.


In coaching sessions with executives and experts, KAIROS® helps to identify uncertainty and patterns in decision-making – always based on and with reference to their different tasks and roles and the different contexts. It helps people to learn when and in which situations they need to take a conscious look and reflect more on their decisions and when they can follow their customary procedures without due risk. It also helps them to learn when and for which complex, unclear decisions it makes sense to thoroughly assess the risks and consciously weigh up the pros and cons. This includes recognizing your own decision-making behavior and knowing which approach to take to make the wise decision.

It can often be very helpful to seek the advice or obtain validation from someone you trust and whose decision-making patterns and preferences are different to your own.

It is also worth returning to the KAIROS® tool at regular intervals in longer term coaching processes, where it can be used, for example, to create and work on situations in which the person being coached has to include his/her less preferred dimensions in a decision instead of following his/her customary, safe and comfortable instincts.

Team Work and Team Development

The KAIROS® Decision Profile has also demonstrably proved its worth in the teamwork setting. Typical examples here could include a kick-off for a new project group, changes to the team constellation (new team leader, new CEO from outside the organization, new board member, etc.) or the annual meeting of the management team. As a rule, the individual team members will already have completed and discussed their own individual profiles in advance and are often very eager to see how those of the other members of the group look. In such scenarios, it is obviously beneficial if the group’s shared task has been identified and clearly defined prior to the process and the actual event.

Example scenario
Each participant presents his/her own profile and tells the others which aspects of their shared task for which he/she can assume particular responsibility based on this profile and where he/she feels that someone else would be better for a given role. This relaxes the situation and establishes understanding for different and complementary (!) profiles. Pragmatic decision-makers, for example, can sometimes find it especially difficult to work with people who constantly add something new to the equation. Working with KAIROS® brings a new dimension of understanding here to the team. Likewise, the results of the team profile provide a new sense of meaning and a greater realization of the team’s true potential. The experience ultimately also raises the awareness that people with different profiles can – and should – be included in a team to handle specific tasks.

Management Development/Seminars

The inclusion of a KAIROS® “module” in various forms has also proved very effective in the management development/seminar context. The seminar participants can, for example, either have individual KAIROS® coaching sessions at the start or can complete their profiles and work on the results in the group. Both options are equally valid, and there are no limits to possible creativity. A KAIROS® presentation at the start will, of course, always be beneficial. Apart from that, the procedure is similar to the one applied in the teamwork scenario. Presenting and explaining the various manifestations also helps people here to understand the different dimensions. The duration of such modules depends ultimately on the type of seminar, the composition of the group and the desired impact and level of penetration.

Project Management

This field of application can be viewed as a “special case” in the teamwork scenario but also as a separate field in its own right.

  • KAIROS® serves at the project kick-off meeting or at defined milestones to clarify the roles in greater depth, e.g. how leadership, decision-making and responsibility are handled in the team.
  • Difficult decisions are thus handled more easily during the project.
  • New members are integrated more easily and effectively into the project team.
  • Project leaders and the steering group gain greater understanding of the different decision-making patterns.
  • The participants – and the organization – profit from a clean end to the project and a clear “lessons learned” effect.
  • KAIROS® permits the role of the project leader to be expanded/redefined as that of a “process manager in project decision-making”.

Organizational Development, Strategy Development and Change Management

In this field, the KAIROS® Decision Profile is used at board and executive management level in combination with a clear consulting contract, with the goal of fostering and boosting decision-making and problem-solving competence on the organizational level. The consultant works with the KAIROS® tool and consciously bases the process on the personal decision-making patterns (preferences) that have been identified, using these to achieve shared strategic decisions in the management team and reflect on the effects of these decisions on the organization as a whole.

A possible scenario:
The members of the board and the executive management team discuss their personal profiles and compare them with their respective team profiles for matching/diverging elements. They then examine the effects on pressing issues in the organization with respect to the following aspects: joint (with distributed roles) leadership, decision-making, responsibility and conveying of meaning.

Since KAIROS® is not used to psychologize, i.e. does not interpret behavior and preferences, this approach generally finds strong acceptance on both levels. Indeed, it encourages them to immediately start talking about acute business issues and makes it easier for them to set their own interests aside and focus more strongly on their shared role(s) and on making joint decisions.