“We need a decision!”

People in organizations find themselves faced with this basic dilemma each and every day. From simple work-related choices to highly complex challenges – people at all levels in the hierarchy constantly have to make decisions. And when it comes to decisions with far-reaching consequences, everyone agrees: these should not be left to chance or made without due consideration.

So how can people or organizations turn their decision-making into a success factor? How can they improve the quality of their decisions? The KAIROS® Decision Profile provides clear answers to these questions. Staff and managers use KAIROS® to examine their own decision-making behavior. They identify their own preferences and aversions and learn to apply their strength, their potential and their energy in their decision-making.

This makes KAIROS® the first tool of its kind to help people make conscious, guided decisions … and thus establish the basis for the organization’s future success. This ultimately depends on the ability of its people to make decisions: sound decisions by teams or individuals make organizations flexible, adaptable and successful. A willingness to make decisions is the force that drives things forward and enables change. People who make decisions with confidence and inner certainty also handle the consequences with greater self-assurance. They are happy to assume responsibility for the course that has been taken and follow things through to their conclusion.

KAIROS® enables people to make decisions with greater confidence, greater understanding and more positive, appreciative energy.