KAIROS® and the experts behind it

As experienced consultants, trainers and coaches, we have been working with numerous leading companies and organizations in all areas of personnel development and change management for over 20 years. Our particular focus lies on one of the most important aspects for all types of organizations: making the best possible decisions.

We are widely regarded in German-speaking countries as leading experts in this long underrated field. To provide our clients and interested consulting colleagues with an effective tool to support them in their endeavors, we developed the acclaimed KAIROS® Decision Profile – an instrument that makes personal decision-making behavior in organizations visible, understandable and consciously deliberate in all its dimensions.

Thousands of decision-makers and a wide range of different companies and organizations are already profiting from the long-term benefits of the KAIROS® Decision Profile. Likewise, numerous consultants have now been certified to work with this tool and are putting it to effective use in their own work in different organizations.

We are convinced that conscious decision-making will continue to be a vital issue for for-profit and non-profit organizations in the future. With the KAIROS® Decision Profile, you can secure yourself decisive advantages for this future.

The term KAIROS has its origins in Greek mythology. In Greek mythology, KAIROS is the youngest son of Zeus and god of the fleeting moment and favorable opportunity. And that is precisely what decision-making is all about: differentiating favorable from unfavorable decisions and grasping the opportunity.